IINSTRUCTIONS 1. Partner Games  2. Eiffel Towers  3. Birthday Party 4. Simple Stories  5. More Stories  

  1. 6.Rope Bridge  7. French Knitting  8.Sunflower 9.Olympic Flag 10. Cutting the Body


Tell this story while making the sequence

Once there was a Birthday Party. First BALLOONS were made. Then the TABLE-CLOTH was shaken and placed on the TABLE. A CAKE was brought in and the CANDLES were lit ... and blown out. MUSIC began and games went on until the STARS came out. Then everyone went home with a PARTY GIFT. In mine I found SUNGLASSES.

  1. 1&2. Throw doubled loop in the air for BALLOON.

3&4. Place loop on thumbs and little fingers. Thumbs move over far strings and return underneath. (Tricky! Keep little fingers still while thumbs move!) This is the TABLE-CLOTH. (Shake it)

5&6. Thumbs move over near strings and under far strings with which they return to make the TABLE.

7.  Move “table-legs” together to make a CAKE. 8. Little fingers take palm-side thumb strings from below for the “unlit candle”

Blow candle

9&10. Temporarily squeeze lower palm strings between index and middle for the CANDLE. Release to extinguish.

11. Index fingers “dive” into space on own palm to lift double lower palm strings. 12. Little fingers and thumbs dip under long strings connecting the two hands. (stretch apart and they slip off)

Accordion playing

13&14. Splay fingers apart then together to play the MUSIC.

15,16 &17. Swap index loops to make the STAR. (Make sure one loop goes through the other).

18,19 &20. Thumbs take index loops. Release little finger loops (don’t pull apart). Other fingers take thumb loops, tip first, making the GIFT.


21&22.  Place index and thumbs over outer strings, under inner and up into the centre. Release outer strings (blue arrows), enter centre to form the SUNGLASSES.