IINSTRUCTIONS 1. Partner Games  2. Eiffel Towers  3. Birthday Party 4. Simple Stories  5. More Stories  

  1. 6.Rope Bridge  7. French Knitting  8.Sunflower 9.Olympic Flag 10. Cutting the Body


The thick cord made by ‘French Knitting’ with wool is not suitable for most string figures. It can, however, make a very good  Olympic String.


1. Choose five colours of wool to make your Olympic String.

2. Buy or make a French Knitting Doll. (A wooden cotton reel with four nails works well) You also need a larger nail or crochet hook.

3. Push the end of the spool of wool through the Knitting Doll from above.

4. Get ready to wind the wool around each of the nails.