Finger Strings


Welcome to the fascinating world of string games. Played all over the world for centuries, string games are as popular today as ever...

How to make the Olympic Flag String Figure

Bring back memories of London 2012 by making the Olympic Flag String Figure! In the first video people who learnt how to make the figure are celebrated. In the second you’ll find spoken instructions.

Other Stories and Figures

Go to the movies page for two stories that string together many figures from around the world.

The ‘Dragon, the Princess and Jack’ includes such figures as the ‘Man climbing a Tree’ from Australia, ‘Lightning Flash’ from North America and the ‘Siberian House’ .

‘Three Brothers find Treasure’ includes such figures as the’ Running Caribou’, the Growing Sunflower’ and ‘Talking Mouth’.

The instructions for all the figures can be found in the book ‘Finger Strings - A book of Cat’s Cradles and String Figures’ available from the Amazon.




Click below to find instructions

1. Partner Games

Cutting the Hand, Sawing (two versions)

2. Eiffel Towers

2D and 3D versions

3. The Birthday Party

A string figure story

4. Simple Stories

The Book, Flag and Necklace, The Palm Tree

5. More Stories

Mr Spider and Fighting Dinosaurs

  1. 6.Rope Bridge

  1. 7.French Knitting an Olympic String

8. Sunflower

  1. 9.The Olympic Flag

10. Halloween Fun

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