Halloween string figure fun

Use Halloween as an excuse to teach string games. Teach the Halloween Script that goes with the tricks: “Put your hand through the centre. I want to check whether you’re real!” (Cut the Hand stage 3)
“Now put your hand up ... (stage 7) “You’re a ghost!” (stage 8) “Don’t worry, I am too! (show Cutting the Body)


1. Right index takes left palm string from below.

4. Tell hand “Go down middle.” Drop all except thumbs.

  1. 3. Opening A

2. Left index takes right palm string from below in middle.

5,6&7. Again make Opening A (in same order)

8. Tell hand “Go up middle.”

10. Hand is free!

9. Drop all except thumbs.

7. Finish making Opening A

Cutting the Hand.

This figure consists of making ‘Opening A’ twice (Opening A is the name of a very common beginning), getting a friend to place a hand through and releasing a few strings. Start by placing the strings on thumbs and little fingers as shown.