1. Three Brothers Find Treasure

Includes the Talking Mouth, the Running Caribou, the Growing Sunflower, the Rabbit and the Cat's Face. Instructions in ‘Finger Strings’.


2. String Figure Mystery

Wherever string is made string figures are played. 'Little Fishes', that appears in all three southern continents. Was it shared or was it invented at each place independently? Was there once a common culture?

3. The Dragon, the Princess and Jack

Several string figures are woven together including the Sun, the Spitting Dragon, The Siberian House, Man Climbing a Tree, the Lightning Flash and the sound of the wind howling. Instructions in ‘Finger Strings’.

“It was FANTASTIC! My kids loved it too! Thanks so much for putting it together!” Lillian

4. Olympic Flag String Game

New meanings (Water, Food, Air, Space and Time) for the Olympic Rings are suggested while making the Olympic Flag string figure.